you’re waiting for daria showing up on a cover in paris. instead you get her showing up in london… eurochannel manouvres in the dark…



picture by mario testino who this year seems to be able again to shoot daria decently… (scanned by nothingless at tfs). too bad it’s a bit too airbrushed and that the missing g makes this weird voue effect…


6 Responses

  1. Oh my goodness. I was eagerly awaiting the Paris Vogue cover and suddenly this shows up! I’m very pleased. It’s very natural and very beautiful, eye makeup is perfection. eword, you may say it’s a bit too airbrushed, but I disagree…and the average person on the street is likely to see this magazine and think, “My god, this is a beautiful woman!”

  2. i understand what you mean, but the average person doesn’t know what daria actually looks like… but that’s not what a cover is made for… i mean, for real look.

    some ppl find it dull, but i must say its quite refreshing to me. i love simplicity.

  3. I just sent you an email but I got an error message. Anyway, do you know about this already?

  4. yes, thanks.

    i thought you were to send me some unpublishable gossips!

  5. Haha…no, I’m sorry my dear.

  6. i strongly dislike the work they did to her under-eyes and nose. hello! retouching is supposed to make people look better than they do in person, not vice versa!

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