a cascade of pics

at the very beginning!

at the very beginning!

here, here and here at the bwgreyscale forum. a bit random, not in chronological or typological order, but it may be useful for those who search for hq pics of daria.

btw, i hope i can do a few updates before easter, but it’s going to be a very full week. meanwhile, let me suggest you should visit this site on linda evangelista to have an idea of what a perfect site is!

btw – comparing this picture to the topshop candids of the other day… are those the same pants?! 😀


3 Responses

  1. eword, you make me blush. Thanks for he kind words. The site is far from perfect and it’s missing many of Linda’s important works but we’re too busy…and lazy…do to so much scanning. Your Dariologist on the other hand, is brilliant and I love the “fan-friendliness” aspect. You make it very warm and personal and I appreciate that!

    That photo you is very cute and funny. That is wig that Daria is wearing, no?

  2. don’t be modest, shana!
    and you know, what i have been trying to do through the years is actually a non-fan site. i want to avoid any fan stereotype.

    i hope that was a wig!!!

  3. Yes it’s a wig. She wore it at the marc jacobs show in 2003.

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