daria at an event?!?!

sparkling joy!

sparkling joy!

a rather dark and thoughtful daria showed up at a topshop dinner in ny yesterday… such a surprise!

(more pics at patrick mcmullan… if some have an account, pls share!)


8 Responses

  1. You found some pics!! 🙂

    Daria looks very low-key, but looks fantastic, nonetheless!

  2. Wow daria at an event!! I’m surprised :p. Thanks eword for the picture.

  3. hmm, it is a bit darkish, even the nail-polish is black.
    how is it possible that someone, anyone can make melancholy and sadness look so stunning and capturing…

  4. she looks sad.

  5. maybe she was simply bored and would have like to be anywhere but there… who knows.
    i wonder if those shoes behind her belong to kennyboy… 🙄

    w messy darilla!!

  6. i dont think she would have gone if she didnt want to be there. i just think shes relaxed, and how she poses for candids

  7. god, she’s gorgeous…

  8. oh, she’s so gorgeous…

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