the mexicans

what a couple!

1-2-3... smile!!!

backstage pictures are available at grazia.

(and rumour has that daria will be one of the supers – or supposed supers, like in her case – to be featured in the forthcoming v45 – some even say there’ll be 21 tops… which i find ridicolus: the more you increase the number, the more you decrease the value of the super),


3 Responses

  1. yes it will be interesting to see how this turns out … i think it will be typical testino route – very glamourized
    which is kind of boring because its been done so many times! haha just pay attention to his iron maiden editorial and ignore all of his other work eword!

    just out of curiousity – who do you think is the best photographer to capture daria so far?

  2. i did a poll about that… i’d say after all steven meisel and peter lindbergh have done great things with daria. roversi and richardson too. i think inez & vinoodh haven’t done as good as they could have done. other photographers were one hit wonders with her, like the one who shot ‘la plage’.. bruce weber has also shot wonderful pics of daria. testino could also do well if he just sticks to the queer side of daria with no glamourized enphasis.
    i’m thinking about a chart of mine about eds…
    and you, what do you think?

    i have zero expectations about this v45.
    and i hope h&m new vid will be better than this first image…

  3. i think bruce weber does a great job with her – la plage, the editorial in vogue paris as a bounty hunter. paolo roversi did a beautiful job in vogue uk … i dont remember the name of the editorial … but i would love to see more collaborations with hedi slimane – i think my favourite picture of hers would have to be in the editorial hedis girls!

    this chart sounds interesting šŸ™‚ cant wait to see

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