daria for the telegraph - spring 05

daria for the telegraph - spring 05

so my dear readers, i have started to upload the new HQ pictures that hgfl sent to me. some are amazing, like this one… so natural. so emotional. you can find the links in the editorial section. just look at the editorials with a HQ mark. more will come in the next days.
talking about her latest us vogue editorial, certainly colors and poses are ok, she’s magnetic, but i’m continuing not to be crazy about it. better scans here.


4 Responses

  1. hey..eword, have you even seen these pix?

    i just love them..daria looks terrific in those pix~

  2. yes, they come from v40, one of her pointless eds ever… :p 😉
    if you go to old darialogist, you’ll see i posted about them when the ed was out (march 2006). and if you go to the darialogism section, you’ll see that i made a joke of it…

  3. oh thank you so much for uploading those precious pics from the past. and thanks to hfgl from me too!

    but wait, hold on, what happened to the fierce vogue nippon ed. even that one was insufficient to start a discussion on this blog! hello, is there anybody out there?

    with regards to the latest editorial, i think it is complete crap. colors are great, yes, but i cant stand the fact that she does not make eye contact with me the viewer, except for the photo with the red glasses. whatever effect they were looking to achieve i dislike the result.

    sure, it is not necessary to always have eye contact, and who cares about what i like, but some determination, hint of a purpose? those just look like excerpts from the care bear cartoon.

    I was hoping for something stronger. but if this type of story sells, fine, I will go back to staring at the vogue nippon pic with the black dress, the most vicious one.

  4. Some great pics! Thanks to you and HFGL for making us Daria fans happy! 🙂

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