old but good


found this pcs at celebrity.scans.com.
it comes from a march 2006 lancome event in toronto.


2 Responses

  1. great picture i’m really happy to read your posts eword you don’t write too much in 2009 but we all know that you are busy woman and daria keep a low profile so… i also found one picture of daria here the link : http://www.maraval.org/spip.php?article207 it’s titled la grande daria 🙂 you can find also several videos about 1000 femmes toronto in one of them pierre maraval talk about daria and they show her picture and you can see her word “solace” that word really puzzle me

  2. thank you very much, anon.
    its a solace indeed to get a few comments again… that certainly stimulates me to write more! but its also true that i’ve been busy in a different way recently, which means i’ve been busy not in front of the pc!
    and *love with daria* has become a kind of solid quiet marriage. !!! i dont need to post 5-6 six times a day!!! :p

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