interview mystery

total mystery!

not daria!

i first came to know about mysterious pictures from some 2008 interview issue in an ebay auction yesterday, then i posted about it at tfs this morning and i don’t know if she read it, either case lovely commenter evelina sent me 2 pictures of a gothic figure that i would say bears a strong resemblance to our daria. what do you think about it? i’m waiting for more info. the other pic is here. let me say i love this look. darialogistic!

–> update. it looks like it’s iris strubbegger, daria’s twin. i think she’s the same model who was in some other editorial or advertisment and it took a while to understand it was her and not daria. what wasn’t totally darish in the pic was the nose… too regular! :p but we know photoshop miracles… ppl still say daria is a classic beauty!! :S

anyways, ppl were expecting to see daria at versace in milan yesterday. i had low expectations and i wasn’t wrong. i wonder if she’ll do some appearances in paris, at least at parties! :p and ppl are continuing to speculate about a certain forthcoming vogue italia cover shot by meisel with a resurrected icon of his…

and the following is certainly daria! thanks to hfgl! an outtake from harper’s bazaar 2004:



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  1. Both pictures are iris strubegger (sp?). The pic you posted to illustrate your post is from Interview august 08. I don’t know if the other pic is from the same issue.

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