out takes

mysterious kadel

mysterious kadel

this is an outtake by greg kadel taken from thankarchive. i had it a smaller version, nice that a big one is available. a few days ago an outtake from numéro #88 was published at tfs. actually i had found it a few months ago, then i forgot to publish it here! a missed scoop! i wonder where this comes from… maybe a cover outtake?

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  1. I think the dress is dolce & gabbana fall 07. http://www.style.com/fashionshows/complete/slideshow/F2007RTW-DGABBANA?event=show1543&designer=design_house251&trend=&iphoto=0 . The show was in february 07 so it should mean the outtake would be from this year? I don’t know it’s just a guess 🙂 .

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