uptown androgyny

definitely so unique

definitely so unique

a new editorial coming from japan… i don’t want even tell you who shot it… let’s see if you guess the right name with no need to tell you… but this time it’s definitely not inez & dejà-voodh… so what’s happening this year?! why suddenly does every editorial look so right? why is every editorial a gender daring variation? finally! what happened?! first we got testino’s transgender editorial where i think for the first time i had to search return of repressed on the feminine side… then we had that chanel character destructuring dark-mooded editorial in paris vogue. and now this new set of pictures where daria is playing the most androgyne uptown girl ever. and what’s extraordinary in my opinion is that she even better plays with genders when she’s styled as a femme. that’s so unique, that’s her peculiarity. what i have noticed is that recently sweetness seems to have gone away. her posing is s0 torn between fierceness and melancholy, while sweetness looks lower.
while we’re waiting for the scans, enjoy images here. i’m only a bit perplexe about her looking skinner than usual. i don’t want to start any speculation, but her arm doesn’t look so good in the last pic. in other pics her arms look normal, so i really hope that it’s only bad stupid photoshop.


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  1. I’m enjoying the latest editorials very much. And you’re right – all the new editorials just seem “so right”. The new one from Japan is excellent.

  2. Magstyle posted his scans of the vogue nippon ed in daria thread. It’s not about daria but amanda moore will be in an upcoming issue of vogue paris with others models. The photographer is terry richardson. But maybe you already know that?

  3. nice to get signs of life in the amanda camp. after all it’s amanda at the root of all this.. who are the other models? daria & amanda together would be a dream come true!

  4. No daria, but Ranghild Jevne, Sara Blomqvist, Iris Strubegger, and Lara Stone will be in the ed.

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