march marching


so daria is featured in an editorial by… guess! …by inez & vinoodh in the latest march issue of vogue paris. i can’t say i’m so thrilled… but i think we really need hq pictures for a more articulated comment. at first sight i can see some resemblance with polarisée by kadel (numéro 88) and the sept 07 editorial by i&v for us vogue. anyways, nice to see her purgatory absence from vogue paris is over!

meanwhile there’s a lot of exctiment around about a mysterious new editorial for vogue italy that meisel was shooting with a ‘resurrected icon-cosmetics queen’ that he hadn’t worked with for a long time… of course daria’s is among the various names fashionistas have done. fingers crossed and let’s see. i prefer keeping low expectations cos there are several girls who fit the description. source is the imagist.
daria was also one of the 1000 women chosen for a lancome sponsered event in toronto that took place last summer. just read tisnley’s exhaustive post about it. after seeing her pic among the others i think the right title would have been ‘999 women and 1 nose’!! she’s lovely in that pic though. 🙂


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