so let’s talk about 2008

more natural than nature!

more natural than nature!

first of all let me say i’m working for you, girls and guys. i’m making the definitive setting of my darialogistic archive, in order to save most of files in an external pen drive so that i can make my pc memory lighter. that means that i should be able to build a rational and quick web of links to daria’s works in the editorials-covers-ads sections. in the meanwhile let’s make this long announced balancement of 2008 before 2009 ends! i’d say last years’ most meaningful features were:
a) nudity
b) vogue dullness
c) a few good things in the campaigns side
d) public disappearance

a) i’d say that it’s not that daria did much more nudity last year with comparison to other years. it’s that she did a different kind of nudity. of course i’m thinking about in love and the pirelli calendar: a supposed erotic editorial kind of miming sex with a male model and a few pictures in a supposed iconic symbol of eros. i don’t think that has to be considered as a commercial shift.  first, despite a sligthly higher amount of links to ‘daria werbowy nude/naked/desnuda’ etc., i wouldn’t say she has become more popular or she has become a (hetero)sexy household name. counterproof: boom of instant fame came after the W editorial, where her sphinx-like half topless was associated to the much more appealing name of kate moss… daria was a miss nobody out of the fashion world both at the beginning and at the end of 2008. she may hope to have some public recognition only if she works with kate moss or with some other celebriety. her wonderful body has no autonomus power on this regard. second, i still have to understand – and maybe i’ll never do – if the lack of sexual chemistry beween daria and the male model was a purpose of the editorial or an unwilling effect. i mean: i’ll never understand how explicitely or implicitely emmanuelle alt played with genders and sexualities in that editorial. i could also say: how much she played with daria. so certainly effect is everything but commercial. i can say the same about daria in the pirelli calendar: leave daria alone in such a kitsch tacky concept of africa and she’ll subvert the canon of heterosexist calendar. so, yes, in the end the more you push daria into stereotypes of heterosexism, the more she’ll turn them into a gender subvertion with the strenght of her body language. in other words: the more you want her to play the heterosexist femme, the more her body will say no. even if she says yes.

b) in general editorials were boring boring boring… too much of inez & vinoodh’s routine! at least in love and pirelli were different! it’s sad to see such a talent imprisonned into wintour’s lame concept of woman and fashion and into vogue paris superficial transgression.

c) things were a bit better on the campaigns side. dior may have been dull, but i liked the statuesque strenght of some poses. i really enjoyed jean paul gaultier, they were funny. isabel marant was a pleasure. my fave moments were h&m summer commercial and yurman vid. in the first daria was extraordinary in her sweet adolescent down-to-earth erotism, in the second daria and kate moss’ final duel was very very erotic in my opinion. those vids kind of represented daria’s poles: on one side, her melancholic sweetness; on the other side, her fierce eros. miau!

d) i’d say that last year daria gave up any left trace of supermodelism. apart from a bunch of lancome events at the beginning of the year when she had to promote her cosmetic line, her public appearances were almost… zero. i wouldn’t say her appearance at the walk of fame event was so encouraging. she was so nervous, uneasy and clumsy. her speech was  the opposit of what a supermodel should say in public to confirm her role of beauty symbol. i don’t know if there’s a direct correspondance, but i have the impression that she’s also experiencing a fall of interst from fashionistas and fans.

so let’s see what 2009 will bring. iron maiden is the most exciting editorial she’s done in a while. maybe it’s the step forwards i was waiting from since air libre by peter lindbergh 2 years ago. how beautiful if she finally walked the path of an explicit gender game. but that’s material for a different post!


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