a miracle!

a boy? a girl? daria!

a boy? a girl? daria!

what happened?! mario testino shot a great editorial! what will come next? end of the world?!
daria’s new editorial is available at tfs here and it’s definitely a very pleasing surprise, as you can judge from the picture above. i mean, i’m not that fond of clothes, which i find it that they were put together as an imitation of alt’s style, but… finally a pure transgendering daria! i can’t believe it after the dull 2008… did ppl in fashion understand that heterosexist-izing daria is a failure? especially after pirelli, which is the definitive defeat of heterosexistizied daria in such a heterosexist space? can we hope that this trilogy marant-balmain-uk vogue march is a successful start of a more darialogistic 2009? did anything finally change in ‘their’ strategies? did daria become stronger and more aware finally? we’ll see, i won’t make any predictions… more when i’m back home (tomorrow).


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  1. Thanks. I love it! Daria is shockingly beautiful=)

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