marant gallery

isabel marant s/s 09 campaign

isabel marant s/s 09 campaign

that looks like the complete series of isabel marant s/s 09 campaign, shot (again) by inez & vinoodh and styled by emmanuelle alt. as someone said at tfs, the paris mafia is back! i hope that alt will take care of daria in some forthcoming issue of vogue paris too (especially after seeing the so booooring issue with lara stone whose facial expressions are less than versatile, so to say…).  and i also hope that she will back to shooting with some other photographer… i’m starting to miss testino! :s well, at least it’s a less obvious i&vee this time, a bit rougher.
my fave of the three remains the first one. second is difficult to judge until i see a bigger version, about the third there’s a stick effect of her legs that i don’t appreciate so much, especially compared to the muscolar slimness of the first one. in general i like it that the campaign is not focused on daria’s beauty, but on her emotional dimension. there’s something deep, not superficial, that perflectly fits daria’s interpretation. whenever i see daria into pics like those, i feel relief and think that she’s doing what she’s the best at: to embody a rent, a hole in fashion perfection. to express a kind of pain that fashion tends to remove. that’s why i also liked her pirelli sub-calendar after all. the way she does nudity is so different… and i think (again) of ‘in love’ too. but that’s for the 2008 post!
i wonder how much room fashion will leave to her for this. see cavalli campaign as a reply.
the gallery was posted by sex alien friend at tfs.


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  1. oh yuck! i just realized the ridiculous and badly done photoshop on her legs in that third picture!
    i dont understand why they choose to do that as im sure everyone finds it so much more unappealing than the first two
    oh well, other than that i agree that this is a great daria campaign

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