er… absent walking!

you put down daria and fontana will show up! i’ve just made some searches about the supposed daria in the forum tufi duek show, but the only reference to her is: “Periguete não, que é muito pobrinho: perua sensual é mais adeqüado. Nadinha de Patti, portanto. E Daria, a top-top, na campanha? Cara de “vai vender feito água de coco no calor de 40 graus” (, which i can’t full understand! any translation is welcome! i don’t know, maybe i’m just blind, correct me if i’m wrong, but i’d say there was no sign of our girl at the show!! hahaha! now i can go to bed peacefully!


3 Responses

  1. I don’t think you’re blind. I tried to find pics of daria at the show but i found nothing! We”ll see tomorrow. Goodnight eword!

  2. Ok, I give up! Now I even know what Isabeli Fontana ate, drunk, wear and how many times she blinked, but I still have no sign of Daria. She’s not there.
    Unless she was kept in a volt for Duek’s eyes only. Well, after all she’s “a polish model who was on the list of the 100 most rich people”. O_o
    Ego website realy sucks.
    You can sleep peacefully!

  3. Oh, and about the translation of “vai vender feito água de coco no calor de 40 graus”: it’s going to sell like coconut water in a 40˚ heat.

    see you 😉

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