waiting for tonight

eyes of today

eyes of today

i find this 2007 pic posted by vogueelle addicted at tfs simply wonderful. it’s apparently taken from some lancome shooting in nyc, but she isn’t wearing the usual overmake-up, so it’s difficult to understand what that thing was. certainly you see more the woman here than the model and certainly those eyes have something melancholic and intelligent that after all these years still make me kind of melt… miau!
ok, back to present time. dubai editorial. look at 2 posts below. berlinrocks at tfs says “1st image = cover; 3rd image = single page (but it’s not really this one … but from the same serie ie she’s wearing the same outfits); 5th image = double page portrait; 6th image = opening single page of the editorial/article”.
and today at 7pm daria should walk for forum tufi duek according to the previously quoted brazilian sources. let’s see.


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