appeal to visitors from dubai

dubai cover

dubai cover

the pics from gelati’s site are just a humble preview of the harper’s bazaar issue featuring daria.
according to the precious source (davidphoto at fashist forum), the issue features “a 3 pages article on her + 6 pages of full bleed pictures… the cover is a different shot.. it is a half body shoot of daria, with the same dress she is wearing in the first shoot the photographer has in the show slide… white dress with glittery neck…”

so visitors from dubai – and i know there are! – there’s a mission for you: please scan the issue and share it with us!! or – as an alternative – if some of you has a friend who’s traveling to dubai, tell him/her to pick up a copy! i’m really really curious! i’ve never cared about dubai like today! 😉
i had just posted this entry when i went to alan gelati’s site again and found the image of the cover. great! she’s a bit stiff though, not very smooth in her pose. and i must say that she looks older in the pics. maybe it’s the make-up. and who’s the supermodel, sorry?


3 Responses

  1. Wow!The cover is really pretty!I’m so curious about it!

  2. *gasp* so beautiful! I didn’t remember seeing this, score one for Dubai.

  3. i dislike the cover, the hair is badly styled, there is too much light, the colors are washed-out, daria is much more beautiful than that! just look at the black and white photo you have on the side.

    on the other hand, the priscilla II do you think maybe this is why she is in the dubai issue, as a teaser for the next queen of the desert movie…!

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