so 2009 is here! gasp!! i know i promised a final balance of daria’s 2008, but these latest days i’ve been very busy doing… nothing! yes, i think for the first time since a couple of centuries ago i have neither deadlines nor unfinished works, so i could concentrate a bit on pratical things that i had to do since a couple of millenniums ago… tomorrow i’m back home and hopefully in the next days i’ll post my final considerations on daria’s last year.
meanwhile i can say that just when i was wondering if there’s been a fall on interest in daria recently, deborah posted a comment at the previous entry announcing that daria will be the face of the forthcoming cavalli campaign. no more details at the moment. we still don’t know who the photographer is. it will be the 3rd time daria does a campaign for cavalli after the beautiful 2006 ads with that oriental model by mert and marcus and the rather mediocre 2008 ads by inez & vinoodh also featuring herzegova and moss. ok, let’s say i really hope it’s not inez & vinoodh again cos i must admit i’m rather tired of seeing daria in a shot of theirs. last year she preminently worked with them. a few things were good, but honestly i’d like to see something differently creative.
my doubts about fall of interest first came from the statistics of my blogs, both here and at blogger previously.  since last autumn i noticed that internet searches for the darialogist were almost superior to those for daria, which sounds a bit paradoxical. it may mean nothing as much as it may mean nothing that her tfs thread has been so dead recently. even when the pirelli calendar was published, there was nobody posting links in the thread. there were almost no comments about it, unlike for the other models. add daria’s low profile and allergy to events and self-promoting.
right now i’m trying to watch 2 vids whose links were kindly posted by an anonymous nice commenter. i have a slow connection here and it’s torturingly slow!! i don’t think i’ll get to see both, i would content myself if i can see some more seconds of the first so that i can at least post a small screencap! but it’s hard! both vids are taken from the wall of fame event… if there’s anybody who’s able to dl the vid and then to post them at youtube, we’ll be very grateful! 🙂
screencaps from the vids

screencaps from the vids

here come the links:
Daria Werbowy: Canada’s Walk of Fame 1
Daria Werbowy: Canada’s Walk of Fame 2
just a curiosity. do you know that in italian ‘cavalli’ means ‘horses’?


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  1. Happy new year eword. I forgot to wish you that in my previous comment! And i agree with you about inez & vinoodh… I miss the works with roversi, meisel etc…

  2. lol roberto horses….-


    and how do you italians think about it? Did you laugh at first too, or is Cavalli just such a present brand that you dont even laugh about it?

  3. i’m not sure i got your question…
    cavalli is a rather common surname, unlike in english i suppose.

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