aussie daria

telegraphic post for the moment: daria on the cover of australian vogue. reprint from vogue nippon, but at least there’s no g on her face.


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  1. Eword Felice anno nuovo!

    I wish you health so you may enjoy each day in comfort,love that never ends,success in all you do,special memories of all the yesterdays and may all your dreams come true.My gift for you is two videos of Daria Canada’s Walk Of Fame maybe you already watch but just in case here the links:

    I think the lady behind Daria around 00:56 is her mother but this is just a supposition.

    I really like your “new” blog.I spent a lot of time working on my computer so I check it every day to find something interesting about Daria and I really love to read your posts but unfortunately you didn’t post too much probably because you were really busy.Let’s hope that 2009 will bring us more news about Daria and more of your posts.

    P.S. Eword can you post the link of the interview where Daria explain about her skull ring.

  2. Daria is in the roberto cavalli ad ss09. The photographer(s) is/are unknow yet.

  3. dear anon, thank you very much for your very very kind and warm comment. it’s always great to receive presents!! unfortunately i’m not at home and i’m afraid i won’t be able to watch the vids until tomorrow…
    i also didn’t post very much cos i spent some time adding features. that may take some time, even if i do it day by day. i’m also spending less time in front of the pc since i have no works to submit at the moment.

    and deborah, thanks as usual. it’s nice to have collaborators!

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