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daria joplin

daria joplin

daria’s are vogue eyewear eyes this season! the complete series of images was posted by lovely sweet rus at tfs. it’s nice to see daria back in a campaign, even more relief! 😉 i’d define this as an average campaign: nothing special, nothing bad. i prefer the gipsy and the hawaii looks, but honestly i’m not that fond of the vogue eyewear glasses…


6 Responses

  1. She is just making as much money as possible. Very Capitalistic attitude. It is not bad, it is the thing that comes into my mind when I look at those senseless Vogue eyeglasses…-

  2. well, i don’t think that it’s her fault if this campaign is so bland and a bit kitsch with these hawaii – gipsy -dandy references. gosh, sometimes fashion can be so culturally naive! but maybe that’s not even fashion.
    about daria, she’s doing her basic job, which means making money by posing, there’s nothing particularly creative on her side in this case, i’d say pure business, nothing surprising.

    anyways, nice to see a bit of discussion again! 🙂

  3. eat your heart out Gisele!

  4. merry x-mas!!

  5. ^ thanks. to you too, anonymous!

  6. Daria Jopplin is amazing!! Thanx for sharing!

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