turning 25… or getting into models’ menopause!!

you know, sometimes i think that when it comes to supermodels we have to count years more or less like we do when we refer to cats and dogs! every dog’s year is like 5 human years, every cat’s year is like 7 human years… so, a supermodel turning 25 must be like a human being turning… 75?! if you start reading glamorama by bret easton ellis you’ll see that narrator’s top gf says she’s 25, which means 105 for a model!!

anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARILLA! you’re reaching the age of reason and definitive identity. i hope everything will turn great.

2 Responses

  1. eword! where do u pick these pictures from!! I love ur new site!

  2. Whoa, I’m amazed! Sooo, models live half the life a normal woman lives? Can you believe that Kate Moss will be turning 200 soon???

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