see you in december

i’m still building the site.
at the moment i’m still blogging at the old darialogist, but i strongly believe that at the beginning of decemeber i’ll definitely shift to posting here.

remember tomorrow it’s daria’s 25th birthday and that the day after tomorrow (20th) the pirelli calendar will be presented in berlin.


4 Responses

  1. Hey!
    I’m just passing by quickly to say that I’m happy with your choice. Switching blogs is a good way to resist/exist. How many flags are required to boycoitt someone? It looks like an easy and low method to shut down discordances. If blogspot allows a wider range of layouts but don’t do the same with opinions, too bad for them. There are other options.
    A nomad darialogist will fight back. hehe

    Am I the first to comment? =)

  2. yes, you are!

    thanks for your support.
    i’m looking forwards to reading your comments! 🙂

  3. Hi man…ur blgo i very good…and the girl is very beauty…my english is poor..sorry for this!

  4. actually i am a woman…

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